Platform Status

We are so grateful for all our members! The platform is growing every day and gaining quite a bit of momentum, so woot!

As we grow, we can’t rely on individual emails to notify members about Status Updates, so we created this page to keep you updated in addition to the platform notices we send out to our members.

Below are the Status Notes for each feature of our platform. If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed here, please submit a Support Request. If you see your issue described, know that we’re on it and will resolve it ASAP. Thank you!

Status by Feature

Activity Journal

9.1.2022 11:31p – Switched List View to use “Load More” button

Logs were showing slow-downs still on List View, so we switched to show a shorter list of Entries with a “Load More” button. This may be a long-term change, since it reduces initially Entries that need to load, keeping our resource usage down to keep costs & pricing as low as possible.

9.1.2022 6:19p – Pushed List View Fix to Live App

We believe this issue has been fixed now, and we’ll be monitoring the logs closely to make sure there aren’t additional issues. If you are still experiencing issues, please let us know!

9.1.2022 5:13p – List View Bug Update

We’ve now worked with the 3rd-party tool to figure out the exact cause of the issue and are testing potential fixes. We are still actively working on this and appreciate everyone’s patience!

9.1.2022 – List View Bug Update
We’ve narrowed this down to one of the 3rd-party tools our platform utilizes. We’re working closely with their team to resolve the issue. We’ve released an update to our platform which should improve the situation for some users, but we’re working on a permanent fix and hope to have this out by end of day. Thank you for your patience!

8.31.2022 – High Priority Bug
We were notified of an issue with the List View today, and we wanted everyone to know that we’re aware and working to resolve this ASAP!

The List View normally should load 5-8 Entries immediately, and load more when you scroll. This allows the loading to be quick to give a better experience, and it keeps the stress on our servers down to keep the platform reliable for all.

This bug is causing the List View to load all the Entries for the current year and child you have selected, which is creating a lag and showing zero Entries until the entire year has finished loading.

This lag has made some users think that their Entries were gone, which is not the case. Everything in the database has been unaffected by this bug, and we have redundant database storage to make sure your data is never lost. Still, we realize this bug might appear concerning, and we always want to be transparent about bugs/issues and address them head-on.

We’ve received reports that other aspects of the platform have been running very slowly or at times not loaded at all, which we believe is being caused the the List View loading bug.

We’re working to resolve this ASAP and really appreciate everyone’s patience as we address this!

As soon as we’ve resolved the issue, we’ll put out another notice to our members and update this page.

Directory Status

No issues reported – all is running smoothly!