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The homeschooling journey can be tough! You want meaningful connections with other homeschoolers and tools to make your job as an educator easier. That’s why we’re here!

  • ZFind local co-ops, teams, and groups
  • ZEasily track homeschool activities
  • ZRecord attendance days
  • ZFind new local friends
  • ZEnrich your homeschool experience
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A Platform for Homeschoolers, by Homeschoolers

Built with love in Springfield, MO


Homeschool Activity Journal

Homeschool Hall Local Directory Listings

Homeschool education tracking made easy – parents save 3-5 hours/week on average

We couldn’t find a homeschool education tracking software that thoroughly consider the needs of homeschool families, especially when it comes to meeting your state’s requirements.

So we built it!

Homeschool Hall’s Activity Journal is the only software which helps you not only track your homeschool education but also ensure you are meeting state requirements. And it’s super easy to use!

High School Transcript Builder

Homeschool Hall High School Transcript Builder Sample

Create a beautiful, professional transcript for your homeschooler with ease

Have homeschooler children applying for college? You want their high school transcript to be clear and professional to make it easy for admissions counselors to review your student’s college application.

Our Transcript Builder helps you create a high school transcript that’s beautiful, professional, and easy to read, which is exactly what colleges want. Click below to learn more about this powerful new tool for homeschoolers!

Local Homeschool Directory

Homeschool Hall Local Directory Listings

A Dedicated Space for Connecting Homeschoolers

Ever had trouble trying to find co-ops, meetup groups, sports, or clubs specifically for homeschoolers? You ain’t the first.

Search engines and social media often make it difficult to find these groups, and many parents have trouble connecting with others or even seeing the full list of groups in their area.

We believe the homeschool community deserves its own dedicated space to easily find and connect with others in your area. So we built it!

Meet The Founders

Sam and Kristina Nichols

Sam and Kristina Nichols

Founders, Homeschool Hall

We are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, loving parents to our two children, and passionate about homeschooling. We've been homeschooling our children since 2016 and want to help empower other families to homeschool, too!

We founded Homeschool Hall to make sure no homeschool family feels lost and alone on their homeschooling journey. We believe the homeschool community has been under-served in terms of technology, and we are blessed to help families connect with other homeschoolers and enrich the journey of educating their children.