Homeschool Directory Launch & New Feature Announcement

Platform Updates

Want to spend less time tracking homeschool progress? Check out our online Activity Journal!

  • ZEasily track homeschool activities
  • ZTrack attendance for each student
  • ZMonitor homeschool state requirements

Houston, We Have Lift Off!

I need to first say a HUGE thank you to all who have signed up for our Homeschool Directory and helped spread the word! The initial beta launch, focusing on the SW Missouri area, was a huge success. It’s been just one week since we first announced that the platform was available, and we’ve already had over 130 people join!

That makes all the late nights of coding and mapping workflows well worth it, and I’m so blessed to see that this tool has provided some help to homeschool families looking for local resources.

It’s all because our members helped spread the word, and we couldn’t be more grateful! Keep it up!

Where Do We Go from Here?

Logbooks Suck – We’re Making Them Easier

We’ll be coming out with a MUCH simpler, easier way to track your children’s education. For most homeschool parents, it’s tedious and redundant (logging the same activity in multiple, separate logbooks for each child).

Yeah, that’s enough of that.

Our logbook aims to cut logging and grading time down by at least 70%, and it’ll be cloud-based so you don’t have to worry about fire or flood ruining your mountain of binders.

Everything’s backed up and accessible from your laptop, tablet, or phone. (It’s about time, right?)

We also want to make it a one-click process to generate report cards and professional-quality transcripts so homeschool students can impress admissions staff at colleges, and parents don’t have to trudge through a messy transcript process.

Timeline for this major feature is early- to mid-June so parents can start using it for the ’22-’23 school year.

This feature will be paid but very reasonable. We interviewed dozens of parents and asked what they’d be willing to pay for a tool like this. They said $10-15/month was reasonable, but we’re making it $8/month to make sure it’s as affordable as possible for all.

UPDATE: The Activity Journal has launched! Check it out here!

Phones Are A Thing

We have a customer support number now! If you have any questions or need to contact us by phone, you can call us M-F 10a-6p at (417) 501-4997.

Would You Like to Help?

If you are interested in helping in any capacity, we’d appreciate it! Right now our primary needs are:

  • Help spread the word! If you’re a homeschooler, chances are you know other homeschoolers (Facebook groups, from your communities, etc.), and we would so appreciate sharing a link to our website ( to help get the word out.
  • We need more Listings to fill the Directory. There are several now for cities in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Colorado, and we’re hoping to make this a national resource for all states. If you run a group, team, co-op, club, etc., please signup or login and click the “Create” icon to create your Listing! Also, if you have a business or do freelance work that has a significant focus around serving homeschoolers, we want you listed as well!

Thanks for reading, and we sincerely appreciate your support!

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