Homeschool Directory Editing Listings and Account Setup Progress

Platform Updates

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After a lovely time in St. Charles with my wife Kristina at the Great Homeschool Convention, I’ve been back at it trying to get the Directory finished so we can launch ASAP. The current deadline is end of April, but I’m about 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule, so woot!

Listing Management Progress

Progress is going really well with the Homeschool Hall Directory! Once everything was set up properly to see listings, I of course needed to add functionality to create and manage listings.

It’s now super easy to edit contact info, change the listing photo, and we added a setting to hide the listing in case people needed a temporary break. We also added the ability to delete your listings if needed. Here’s how it works:

Account Progress

There are an unbelievable amount of details to cover when building a software, and I’m a stickler for a good user experience. I’ve used a lot of wonky platforms over the years, and that’s just not what I want for you folks.

The user signup process is about 90% complete now, and I believe it’ll be smooth for anyone who knows how to use a smartphone (and maybe some who aren’t very good with theirs, lol.)

This past week we worked on password reset workflows, account email verification, and backend account privacy rules (especially for viewing listings when folks are “signed in” but unverified). We’re trying to balance easy signup with solid spam/fraud prevention.

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