Homeschool Directory Roadmap

The Homeschool Hall Directory is growing every day! In addition to Listings created by users, our staff are adding to the Directory as well.

Our goal is for the Directory to be a nationwide resource for homeschoolers to find local co-ops, communities, sports teams, social groups, tutors, and tons more!

Below is our Directory Roadmap, which shows the next areas on our list and the areas we’ve covered already.

We typically go state-by-state, starting with the most populated cities and moving to smaller cities from there.

States & Cities We’re Covering Next

Current State:


States up Next

(NOTE: Order may change)






And more!

Areas Currently in the Directory

Over 3,400 Listings so far!

Homeschool-Directory Listings Homeschool Hall 12 26, 2022

NOTE: For cities listed below, the links include a 50-mile radius around the linked city/town