Activity Journal

Want to spend less time tracking & planning homeschool progress?

You're going to love this! Use the simplest, most intuitive homeschool tracking and planning software to get hours of your week back AND make sure you're meeting your goals.

  • ZEasily track & plan homeschool activities
  • ZCreate recurring activities to save time
  • ZTrack attendance for each student
  • ZMonitor homeschool state requirements
  • ZStudent access available
  • ZPrintable reports & transcripts
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A Platform for Homeschoolers, by Homeschoolers

Built with love in Springfield, MO

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Homeschool Families Rejoice!

There are a lot of lesson planners and logbooks out there, but few of them meet the unique needs of homeschool families, especially when it comes to tracking your state's requirements each year.

So we built it!

Homeschool Hall's Activity Journal is the only software which helps you track homeschool activities AND ensure you are meeting state requirements. And it's super easy to use!

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Homeschool Hall Activity Journal Quick Stats Page

Custom Progress Tracking

See each student's progress to always know whether you're meeting your Goals. Your Stats dashboard is fully customizable and allows you to set your own Goals and decide which Goals are relevant to you!

  • ZCore (State-Required) Subject Hours
  • ZNon-Core / Elective Subject Hours
  • ZAverage Time per Day
  • ZAttendance Tracking
  • ZTrack "Home" Time vs. Away

Save Time with Recurring Activities

For activities that you do on a regular schedule, enter them once and save tons of time vs. tracking activities individually! If you ever need to edit just one activity from a series, you can always edit them individually or as a whole.

  • ZSave time tracking regular activities
  • ZEdit as a series or individually
  • ZPlan out your year with ease!
Homeschool Planner Recurring Activities - Homeschool Hall
Homeschool Hall Activity Journal Subject Stats

Keep a Good Balance of Subjects

Ever wondered if you have a good balance with your homeschooling? Now you can easily see how much time each child has spent in each Subject!

You can also see what percent of time each child has spent with each Subject to ensure you have a healthy balance with your homeschool education.

  • ZSee time spent in each Subject
  • ZMeasure your balance of Subjects
  • ZSwitch School Years to compare

Track Activities Once for All Children

Tired of tracking activities multiple times for each child who participated? With the Activity Journal, you can simply check the box for each child, and it will add the Entry to all their Journals!

  • ZSpend less time tracking every day
  • ZInclude all children who participated
  • ZEasily change Entry details as needed
Homeschool Hall Activity Journal Entry Details
Homeschool Hall Activity Journal on Any Device

Use on Any Device

Most other education and homeschool platforms are ONLY made for a desktop computer, and they severely limit what you can do on other types of devices.

Not the Activity Journal! Use it on any device, any time, and it will even remember which page, child, and school year you were on last.

  • ZTrack activities while on-the-go or traveling!
  • ZRecord homeschool activities on any device
  • ZStart where you left off, even when switching devices

Record Grades for Any Activity

Keeping track of grades can be really helpful to know which areas your children are struggling in (or may need a higher challenge!), and some states also require grade tracking for homeschoolers.

With the Activity Journal, you can now track grades!

  • ZMark Activities as graded or not
  • ZSet grades for participating children
  • ZSee overall grades for the year
  • ZSee Subject grades for the year
Homeschool Hall Activity Journal Gradebook
Homeschool Hall Activity Journal Goals

Your Journal, Your Goals

Every family is different, and every state has different requirements for homeschooling. Our Activity Journal homeschool tracking software lets you enter the Goals that are important to you and measure progress for each child!

  • ZSet your homeschool education Goals
  • ZEnsure you're meeting state homeschool requirements
  • ZSet a custom school year start date
  • ZAdjust your homeschooling Goals any time

Set Custom Reminders

The homeschool life can be crazy! You don't have to worry about forgetting to track your homeschool activities with the Activity Journal's Reminders. Simply set your Reminder preferences, and you're good to go!

  • ZGet reminders via email or text message
  • ZSet the days and time you want to be reminded
  • ZChange your Reminders any time!
Homeschool Hall Activity Journal Reminder Settings
Homeschool Hall Activity Journal Subjects

Customize Your Subjects

Add as many Subjects as you'd like and change your settings for each one to make your homeschool tracking more fun and personalized!

  • ZCreate unlimited Subjects
  • ZChange each Subject's settings any time
  • ZSet each Subject's color
  • ZMark Subjects as Core/Non-Core for state requirements
  • ZSee how many Activities each Subject has

Save More Time with Student Access

Have older students who are tracking their own activities? You can now choose which students get access, with robust settings for parents to set what each student is allowed to do in their account.

  • ZGrant (or remove) student access any time
  • ZControl what each student is allowed to do
  • ZSee & edit any activities created by students
Homeschool Hall Activity Journal - Student Access Settings
Homeschool Hall Activity Journal On-Demand and Scheduled Reports

On-Demand & Scheduled Reports

Need a hard copy of your records? You got it! You can create on-demand Reports that create individual Report files for each student. You can also create Scheduled Reports and select which students to include and receive Reports weekly or monthly. Your Journal will also keep copies of the files just in case you need to download them again!

  • ZEasily create on-demand Reports
  • ZSchedule weekly or monthly Reports
  • ZReceive an email with all Report files attached
  • ZSee past reports and download files again any time

College-Ready High School Transcripts

Have a student heading to college soon? Create a high school transcript for your homeschooler that colleges will love!

  • ZIncluded with your Activity Journal subscription*
  • ZCustom Grade Scales and weighted courses
  • ZInclude student test scores & course notes
  • ZUnlimited PDF downloads - edit & print any time
  • ZAutomatic GPA calculation with your Grade Scale
  • ZBeautiful, clear, & professional PDF

*Must commit to the Activity Journal for 3 months in order to download Transcripts

Homeschool Hall High School Transcript Builder Sample

Simple & Affordable Plans

Each plan includes all Activity Journal features


$7.99 / month


$79.99 / year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

You may request a full refund within 14 days of initially signing up for a paid plan.

With any paid plan, you may cancel at any time by contacting us at If you request cancellation and either your plan is ineligible for a refund or your do not want a refund, you may continue to use the Application until your billing cycle ends.

Can I sign up with Monthly and upgrade later?

Absolutely! Many of our members start on the Monthly plan and switch to Yearly afterwards. We'll give a pro-rated credit for any unused portion of your current billing period when you upgrade.

Can I use this on my phone?

Yes! We built the Activity Journal to work well on a phone/tablet, and we're also working on developing apps for iOS and Android as well. Check out some screenshots below!

Homeschool Hall Activity Journal - Check your Quick Stats from your phone Homeschool Hall Activity Journal - Add a New Activity from your phone

Will this help me track homeschool requirements for my state?

Absolutely! This is one of the primary reasons we built the Activity Journal, and we made it for use anywhere in the USA.

We have tried to consider the various requirements of different states, and in your settings you can turn on/off which things you need to track & report.

You can turn on/off Stat Widgets like...

  • Total time recorded for the academic year (and what you have remaining to meet your goal)
  • Core & Non-Core/Elective time
  • Hours per day average
  • Percent of your time spent on each Subject
  • Overall time spent on each Subject
  • Average time spent per day
  • Total attendance days
  • Time spent at your "Home" location vs. instruction outside of the home
  • And more coming soon!

Recently Released Features:

  • Student access
  • On-Demand AND Scheduled Reporting tools
  • High School Transcript Generator
  • And more!

Tools coming soon, and all will be included with each plan:

  • Lesson Planner features
  • Portfolio
  • Add your spouse or another adult to the account

We're also working on adding more features & settings continually to ensure every need is met & every state's requirements are fully represented!

*DISCLAIMER: Though the Activity Journal aims to help you fulfill state requirements, it is always the parent's responsibility to ensure you are compliant with your state's homeschooling laws.

Is this for all grade levels?

Absolutely! We built the Activity Journal to help with any grade to make your life simpler.

We also released our Transcript Builder to help you get ready for college application season!

And all future Activity Journal features will be included with your plan!

When does the "year" start for the Yearly plan?

We always want you to get your money's worth with Homeschool Hall! You can choose a Yearly plan any time of the year, and the renewal date will be a full calendar year (365 days) after the date you initially signed up, or the date you switch plans in the case of a plan change.

That way, even if you sign up in the middle of a school year, you won't be charged again for an entire year, vs. getting charged at the beginning of the next school year like some other educational platforms.

If you get to the end of your homeschooling journey and your billing cycle doesn't line up with your personal academic year, you can always switch to a monthly plan so you don't pay for any time you won't use. It's completely up to you!

What if this is missing something I need?

If anything is missing that you need, we'd love for you to tell us so we can add it!

We'll be adding new features regularly to make your job easier, and we love when customers tell us exactly what would help them!

You can reach us at or (417) 501-4997 Monday through Friday 10a - 6p Central Time if you need any help or would like to send us a Feature Request.

Will my children each have an account, too?

Inviting your children to have their own account/login is completely up to you! Some parents won't find it necessary to create accounts for their children, and some will (especially for older students).

If you want one of your children to have an account, you can go to your Family settings in your account and decide which children do or don't need their own accounts/login. Each student also has individual settings so you can control what they are & aren't allowed to do within their account.

In the upcoming months, we'll also be adding the ability to schedule and assign Journal Activities, so some parents may want to create accounts for their children to see Activities assigned to them and enter or upload their assignments for the parent to grade.

Will I have to pay more for other features when they come out?

Nope! All current & future features of the Activity Journal will be included with your plan, regardless of when you sign up.

What kind of support will I receive if I need help?

You'll receive support through phone or email from our team in Springfield, MO. We are happy to help you with any issues or questions you may have, and we love hearing from our customers!

Please keep in mind that we are a brand new platform. While we've tried to perform thorough quality checks, you may encounter some bugs, and we are always very grateful if you tell us when you find them. We'll fix them ASAP!

We're available Mon - Fri 10a - 6p Central Time for support requests.

Feature Roadmap

Our goal is to iteratively enhance the Homeschool Hall platform to create a one-stop-shop for all things homeschooling. It's such an important job teaching your children, and we want to help homeschool families have the tools they need to make this job easier. You CAN do this, as billions have done before you, and we're here to help you on the journey.

Student Portfolios

Student Portfolios will allow you to keep records of learning goals, materials used, assessments, and more!

Learning Marketplace

We're making it so you can create lesson plans and units, then optionally sell them on the marketplace to make extra cash!